Eisenwerk Hasenclever
250th Anniversary

Eisenwerk Hasenclever
250th Anniversary

Eisenwerk Hasenclever 250 Years

Client: Eisenwerk Hasenclever GmbH is regarded as a technology and quality leader in the production of high temperature-resistant exhaust components and is a valued partner for well-known manufacturers and system suppliers in the international automotive industry. With more than 650 employees, Hasenclever is producing more than 2.5 million castings every year.

Task: Eisenwerk Hasenclever proudly marks its 250th anniversary in 2024. To commemorate this significant milestone, the task was to create a distinctive logo and design promotional items for the anniversary celebration. The client envisioned a visual representation that not only paid homage to the company’s rich history but also projected a vision for the future.

Implementation: Drawing inspiration from the historic Auhammer, a blacksmith’s hammer that serves as the namesake for the company’s location (Am Auhammer), I crafted an iconic Signet. This symbol, seamlessly blending the past and future, became the centerpiece for the event. The emblem adorned various materials, including the official event shirt, showcasing the enduring values of the company. Additionally, promotional items were designed to enhance the celebratory atmosphere.

To engage guests in a memorable way, a nail-bar game was devised, incorporating a gamified element. Attendees could participate by strategically placing nails to recreate the emblem, contributing to the creation of a collective art piece.

Timeframe: 2023

Status: Regrettably, the project faced an untimely termination due to client’s financial challenges stemming from market turbulence and the automotive industry’s downturn.

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