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Mathias Reiche a Digital Creative!

A versatile all-rounder exploring the synergy of creativity and technology. Dedicated to user-centric, data-driven concepts, and crafting performant UX/UI digital designs. Passionate about adopting new technologies for digital solutions.

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The digital Swiss-Knife

Embarking on my digital journey since the mid-’90s, I vividly remember the symphony of modems connecting to the vast world of the internet. These early experiences sparked my love for digital exploration. Fast forward to today, the evolving landscape of AI applications rekindles my excitement, bringing a fresh wave of experimentation to the digital playground.

Working in the marketing industry since 2006, I’ve evolved into a digital all-rounder. My journey includes collaborations with major B2C and B2B brands, providing insights into the unique challenges of global enterprises as well as small local businesses.

I’ve amassed experience in both print and digital domains. From conducting user research, conceptualizing ideas, and crafting seamless UX/UI designs to content creation, SEM, SEA, and social media advertising — I bring a comprehensive skill set to every project.

My foundational knowledge in programming enhances the feasibility of designs and facilitates effective interdisciplinary collaboration with developers during implementation to ensure seamless execution.

With a keen eye for detail, I excel in recognizing nuances, even at the pixel level. Driven by a passion for perfection, I consistently push for optimal outcomes. My strong convictions not only motivate but also inspire teams, fostering an environment of collective excellence.

Tool Stack

Other Skills

Design shaped by empathy and evidence

My design approach is based on a straightforward principle: design should not only be visually appealing but also function seamlessly. 

To achieve this, I integrate User-Centered Design and Data-Driven Design methodologies. Understanding the user’s journey, preferences, and pain points allows me to craft solutions that resonate and provide an optimal experience. This, combined with an understanding of quantitative and qualitative data on user behavior and usage metrics, ensures design decisions that align with real-life scenarios.

Backed by an Agile Work Methodology, my solutions are crafted to evolve iteratively, adapting to changes and feedback, ultimately delivering practical and user-friendly solutions.

Work Experience

These are my main career milestones.
Additionally, I work part-time as an independent consultant for small startup entrepreneurs to gather additional experiences.

tripuls media innovations gmbh
2015 – Present

Art Director primarily working with B2B brands.

EOL Group (various units)
2009 – 2015

Progressed from Designer to Production Team Leader, Lead Designer, and Art Director primarily working with major B2C brands.

Find my full professional history on Linkedin or Xing.

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