Client: Wilhelm Scheld GmbH & Kläs GmbH

Task: The construction companies Scheld and Kläs were in search of a digital solution for their construction site management. During the evaluation, they realized that existing solutions were either insufficient in terms of functionality or overly complex and unwieldy in operation. Consequently, they decided to develop a custom-tailored app to address their specific needs.

Implementation: Workshops were conducted to delve into the specific tasks, needs, and challenges of distinct user groups within the companies—encompassing employees from construction sites, procurement/storage, and administration. This user-centered approach proved particularly vital, considering the prevalent skepticism and conservative attitudes, especially among non-tech-savvy construction site employees. Addressing their concerns and actively involving employees in the process helped overcome initial reservations, fostering a sense of understanding and identification with the app.

Building on this foundation, a concept was crafted, and a prototype was developed using wireframes. Following rounds of testing and feedback sessions within the companies, the app progressed to the interface design and programming phase. The design prioritized a simple structure and ease of use.

After the initial deployment and real-world usage, user feedback was collected. This valuable input led to a minor facelift, addressing user suggestions. Adjustments included reducing margins, slightly increasing font size, and enhancing color contrasts to improve readability and usability, especially in outdoor settings facing challenges like reflections and glare from sunlight.

Timeframe: 2018 – 2021

Status: Completed

»Die Nutzung der App zeigt bereits nach kurzer Zeit, welche Einsparpotenziale vor allem in der Verwaltung liegen. Für uns ist das ein weiterer wichtiger Schritt in der Digitalisierung unseres Bauunternehmens.«
Frederik Karl
Assistent der Geschäftsleitung
Bauunternehmen Wilhelm Scheld GmbH