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PREISmonitoring - empowering businesses with market insights

Client: PREISmonitoring, a division of tripuls media innovations GmbH, pioneers the use of advanced web scraping technologies to deliver crucial market information to retailers and manufacturers.

Task: At the project’s inception, there was an absence of a defined Corporate Identity (CI), and both the website and the Web-App were outdated. The Web-App, initially a complex tool developed incrementally by developers for self-management, posed challenges in user understanding. The sales process was labor-intensive, requiring manual effort as customized terms were negotiated individually for each client.

Implementation: The project unfolded in two distinctive milestones to address the identified challenges comprehensively.

The initial phase involved upgrading both the website and the Web-App using pre-designed interface templates. This strategic move aimed to enhance the visual appeal and bring the technical infrastructure up to contemporary standards. The website underwent a modernization process, aligning it with current design trends. Simultaneously, the Web-App received a facelift, adopting user-friendly templates to improve overall accessibility. This milestone set the stage for a refreshed online presence and laid the groundwork for subsequent strategic changes.

In 2023, the project entered its second milestone, marked by a fundamental reorientation. The brand underwent a comprehensive redesign, introducing a new Corporate Identity (CI) that strategically realigned with PREISmonitoring’s objectives. This shift in communication targets the business leadership rather than individual Shop or Product Managers, emphasizing the direct value propositions and strategic advantages offered to the executive level.
Drawing insights from user research, the intricate Web-App was structurally reimagined, moving to a user-centered design allowing for a more self-sufficient and intuitive experience. The sales process underwent a significant transformation, shifting from manual negotiations to a streamlined system with standardized service packages. This milestone not only elevated operational efficiency but also positioned PREISmonitoring for scalable growth through online marketing initiatives.

Timeframe: 2015 – Present (Ongoing)

Status: The new App design is currently in active development, with simultaneous revisions to the website content aligning with the refreshed brand communication. Additionally, the creation of new promotional materials is underway.

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